Terms & Conditions of Entry

  • Entry Process

Payment of Games Registration and Event Entry fees for the Gratitude Games is exclusively (except for Equestrian events) via the online system here. These payments will appear on bank and card statements as “SES-Gratitude Games”.

For Equestrian events, payment will be through the ‘Equine Affairs” payment system.

There are 2 types of Fees payable:

  1. Games Registration Fee 
  2. Event Registration Fee

Members of the public are eligible to enter the Mass Participation events only and should follow the same registration process described below.

All fees to enter the Gratitude Games are to be paid to the Games organisers UK Emergency Services Games Ltd by credit or debit card via the online registration system.

  1. Games Registration Fee - this non-refundable fee is payable upon submission of registration for the Gratitude Games.
    • These fees go to UKESG and will be gifted to UKESG’s chosen Charity following the Games.
  2. Event Entry Fee - this individual event entry fee relates to the specific sport and event selected. Competitors may enter more than one event, paying the associated event entry fees.  

    These fees cover:

    1. Venue and administration costs
    2. Medals & Trophies
    3. Equipment costs
    4. Umpires, officials and other costs to deliver the Gratitude Games 
    5. Postage costs

    All registrations include a non-refundable Processing & Administration Fee, these fees are £2.10 per registration plus 5% of the total Games Registration & Event Entry Fees.  These fees are used to cover the registration system and entry administration.

  3. Gratitude Games - Shop Promotional Code

    Following registration, competitors will receive a promotional discount code which can be redeemed at the online Gratitude Games shop, in partnership with Kukri – this is a ‘one time use’ code, with an upper spending limit of £500.00.

  4. Enquiries & Information

    For enquiries regarding your individual sporting event or for any other information about the Gratitude Games, visit the website or submit an enquiry online now.

  5. Medals

    Medals will be presented at the conclusion of each event.

    Public Participation Events ‘Gratitude Games’

    1. 10k, 5k & 1 Mile Road Race
    2. Triathlon (Sprint or GoTri)
    3. Indoor Rowing
    4. Laser Run (GB Pentathlon Sport)
  6. Personal and Public Liability Protection

    All injuries that occur as a result of participating in the Gratitude Games must be reported to the Sports Competition Manager as soon as practicably possible and recorded using a specific Accident/Injury Reporting Form.

    The Gratitude Games organisers UK Emergency Services Games Ltd expect all competitors to be suitably fit and ready for competition to minimise the potential for personal injury.  If you have any concerns and are unsure about your capability to compete, the organisers ask you to seek medical advice before commencing competition.  Competitors are obligated to inform the organisers if they have received medical advice prior to taking part, which could impact on their ability to participate.

    All competitors competing in the Games are afforded personal accident and public liability protection under the banner of the Gratitude Games if they are registered as competitors i.e. if they have completed the necessary online Registration and Event Entry process including payment of the respective fees.

  7. Appeals and Protests Procedure

    Any appeal or protest shall be made in the first instance with the relevant Sports Competition Manager, who will be responsible for a decision at the time of appeal.  On the occasion when this appeal cannot be concluded immediately, the Games Protest/Disputes Committee will be informed and will seek to convene a committee meeting at the venue.  All Officials and Sports Competition Managers will be identified by distinctive clothing/armbands, and they should be treated with the utmost courtesy at all times.

    Should the presentation of medals be affected by the possible results of a protest/dispute, the awards shall be withheld pending the Games Protest/Dispute Committee decision.

  8. Alcohol and Drugs

    The organisers hold the right to refuse participation if it is believed an individual is displaying the effects of alcohol or drugs when they register at the venue. 

    The employer of any competitor who is withdrawn from competition for either of these offenses, may be informed in writing by the organiser within 7 working days of their refusal to allow participation.

  9. Blood and Infectious Disease Policy

    All cuts and abrasions must be reported to the Sports Competition Manager immediately. Sports Competition Managers have discretion as to whether any contaminated clothing or equipment will need to be replaced prior to the competitor being allowed to continue in the competition.

    Any person with a known infectious disease must advise the organiser.  This will not be a reason for immediate refusal of participation; however, a decision will be made prior to allowing participation.

  10. Covid-19

    Should any participants have any Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of the respective event, they are asked not to attend the relevant venue and to inform the organiser of their absence via email.  Any participants who display any of the Covid-19 symptoms whilst attending the Games must inform the Sport Competition Manager immediately.

    It is possible that due to Sport National Governing Body Covid-19 regulations and guidance that some events (eg doubles events) may be cancelled and that for some events entry numbers may have to be reduced.  In these instances, any entry cancellation will be subject to a full refund as per the Event Cancellation policy below.

  11. Event Cancellation

    Any sport or event may be cancelled by mutual agreement between the Games committee and the venue management.  It is the responsibility of the organiser to contact all competitors when an event is cancelled.  In these circumstances a full refund of the Event Entry Fees will be made to the individuals concerned.  Note that the Registration Fee and Processing & Administration Fee are non-refundable.

  12. Switching events

    Provided the registration fee and the event entry fee for a specific sport have been paid, a participant may decide to switch from the original sport orevent to any other(s) at least 30 days before event entry closure. If the event entry fee is higher for the new sport or event, the participant must pay the difference between the lower and the new event entry fee. Please note – there is no refund due if the new event entry fee is lower than the event entry fee for the original sport selected.

  13. Refund Policy

    A competitor who withdraws from any competition will not be eligible for a refund unless they have notified the organiser at least two weeks prior to their event.  Only the Event Entry Fees shall be considered for a refund when the entrant withdraws due to illness or injury; family tragedy or any other circumstances to be considered by the Games Committee.  Refunds should be paid within 30 days of a decision being made by the Games Committee.

  14. Maximum Number of Participants

    Some events will have a set maximum number of participants due to competition and /or venue restrictions.

  15. Minimum Number of Participants

    Every event will have a set minimum number required for the competition to proceed.  If a minimum number is not reached, the event may be cancelled.  In this case the entrants will have their fees reimbursed in full with the exception of the Registration Fee and Processing & Administration Fee which are non-refundable.

  16. Age Categories

    All events will be subject to lower and in some cases upper age limits.  The date used to determine age eligibility for all events shall be the date on which the individual event takes place. In the event of a sport/event taking place over multiple days, the applicable date shall be the date of the first day of that sport/event.

  17. On the day Event Entries

    Entry into events on the day of competition will not be permitted.  Competitors must have entered and paid online prior to the commencement of the event.

  18. Changes to Events Program

    The Gratitude Games committee reserves the right to alter or make changes to the times, dates, locations, event competition structure and event programming wherever and whenever necessary.  Notification of any changes will be supplied to an effected competitor in person and published on the website.

  19. Media & Photography

    The Official Games Photographers will attend various sporting events.  They will be given access to areas where members of the public may not enter, in order to capture the true spirit of the Games.  Photographs will be available for viewing and for online purchase on the Games or respective photographer’s website

  20. Security

    Competitors are responsible for their own property.  Also, and in consideration to the escalating threat of terrorism in the UK, a ‘Security Strategy’ will be in place for these Games. For further general information on National Security threats please visit the following website: www.cpni.gov.uk

  21. Entry Declaration

  22. By the submission of this online entry you confirm the following:

    1. That the information entered is correct to the best of your knowledge.
    2. That any Accreditation Pass you receive is personal, non-transferable and must be displayed at all times while in areas requiring accreditation and is valid only in areas specified on this Pass.
    3. That you will comply with the Code of Conduct for the duration of the Games.
    4. That you will observe the access arrangements and protocols in relation to areas that are restricted and/or out-of-bounds.
    5. That you comply with any no smoking regulations at venues hosting the Gratitude Games 2021.
    6. That you acknowledge that the organisers reserve the right to withdraw an Accreditation Pass at their reasonable discretion.
    7. That it is your responsibility to check your registration and entry details and contact us promptly in writing of any changes, as mistakes cannot always be rectified.
    8. That you are aware that you may appear in photography, taken of activities at the Games, which may be used for marketing and promotional purposes.