Corporate Sponsorship

The Gratitude Games is an authentic, purpose-driven programme with clear objectives and outcomes.  It resonates with the Emergency Services and NHS, and the public and it has high-level political support.  It creates national resonance and local relevance.

The Games’ mission has been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic but not driven by it, as our Emergency Responders’ mental health challenges existed before the pandemic and will remain.

Sponsors will be seen as champions of the people and tackling the issues in a compelling and meaningful way.

Our sponsor partner programmes are tiered to suit all sizes of organisations and ambitions.

Find out how you can come onboard to sponsor and support the Gratitude Games and the mental health of our Emergency Responders.

What might you get out of it?

Brand building

Leading the national show of gratitude

Business Development

Initiate and strengthen business leads

Customer and employee engagement

Driving interest, mass participation and support

Corporate purpose

Underpin existing support for mental well-being

Charitable fundraising

Creation of a national and community programme

Be a part of it…

If you are keen to know more about how to get involved - there are extensive opportunities and benefits throughout our partnership programmes.

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Corporate Supporters

The Corporate Supporters package has been created specifically for small businesses, particularly suppliers to the Emergency Services, to show their support, get involved and stand side-by-side with those who serve in the Emergency Services. 

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Our Delivery Partners

We will be for ever grateful for those organisations who have helped us along the way and without their support we would have never been able to get the project off the ground.  We are delighted and proud to be partnering with the following organisations: